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Boton Films is an Ecuadorian film production company. It focuses on independent productions that are daring and original, both in their content and language. It seeks to develop projects with an author’s perspective that align with the reality of the film industry in Ecuador.

Over the years, Button Films has participated with its films in various prestigious film festivals and events worldwide, including:


Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), IDFA, Rotterdam IFFR, San Sebastian Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival, Havana Film Festival, Cartagena FICCI Film Festival, Dok.Fest Munich, Guadalajara Film Festival FICG, Millenium Docs Against Gravity, Margaret Mead Film Festival, among others…

Markets and Events:

San Sebastian Coproduction Forum, Locarno Open Doors, BAL (BAFICI), Guadalajara Coproduction Meeting, SANFIC Industry, New Looks EICTV, BrLab, Rotterdam Cinemart, among others.

Awards and Funds:

IDFA Bertha Fund Classic and Europe, Doha Film Institute, Ibermedia, IFCI Ecuador, Eficine Mexico, Catalonia Fund, CNC Aide aux cinémas du monde, Qualification for the Academy Awards in Cartagena de Indias, among several others.

(2026) – feature film – fiction

In a shelter, hidden in the middle of a forest of frailejones, a group of adolescent victims of sex trafficking live temporarily. Accustomed to a nocturnal schedule, the girls spend their days sleeping on the tables and floors of the house, taking care of the babies they have had, the children of their kidnappers. At night, none of them sleeps, in a high state of abstinence from the drugs they were forced to take.


  • Locarno Open Doors HUB
  • Premio Producción IFCI 2023
  • Desarrollo Ibermedia 2023
(2025) – feature film – fiction
At 31, Azucena decides to look for the son she abandoned when she became pregnant at 13. Julio, an 18-year-old, is spending his last year at the orphanage and they both look the same age. Azucena decides that he is. Anger, Oedipus syndrome, tenderness, mark the scent of The Ivy.


Has selected to participate at:

  • BrLab
  • Ikusmira Berriak
  • Encuentro de Coproducción de Guadalajara
  • Cinemart (IFFR) and has won the IFCI national Fund and the Regional fund of IBERMEDIA
  • EFICINE Mexico
  • Fondo de Cataluña
  • CNC

(2023) – feature film – documentary

The Cuviví is the only bird that inexplicably commits suicide. While most of the migrating human population in the Americas travels from south to north, the grassland bird flies in the opposite direction. Don Feliciano waits for the arrival of the animals once a year to harvest the carcasses on the immense beaches of the Ozogoche lagoons. Her granddaughter Sisa, a girl entering puberty dreaming of new opportunities, must decide whether her future will be in the community or away from it. While the indigenous Kichwa community waits for those who left to cross the USA-Mexico border, the birds’ pilgrimage is welcomed to be eaten. Both Feliciano and his family struggle for the subsistence of their culture in the face of the threats of disappearing due to the temptations of the emigration phenomenon.


Has participated at:

  • Buenos Aires Lab BAL (BAFICI)
  • Encuentro de Coproducción de Guadalajara (FICG)
  • Nuevas Miradas (EICTV)
  • SANFIC Industria
  • IDFA Forum
  • IDFA Academy
  • IDFA Project Space.
  • Has word the IDFA Bertha Fund, the IDFA Europe minority Coproduction Fund, the DOHA Film Institute Fund for Post Production and the IFCI National Fund of Ecuador.
  • IDFA
  • CARTAGENA (premio)
  • DOKfest
  • Docs Against Gravity
  • Guadalajara
(2023) – shortfilm – fiction

A group of adolescent victims of sex trafficking live temporarily in a shelter in Ecuador hidden in a forest. Small details reveal the horror they have gone through, invisible but present.


  • Official Selection (Toronto International Film Festival)
  • Toronto International Film FestivalTiff
  • Equis Ecuador, 
  • Bogoshorts (winner best shortfall), 
  • Habana, 
  • Cinelatino Toulouse, 
  • Cinemaatick Escocia, 
  • KISFF Ucrania. 
  • Va a participar: Vienna Shorts, Norweigan Short Film Fest

(2015) – feature film – fiction

Sarah is 23 years old and has been blind since she was 10. A trip to the old family hacienda with her cousin and their respective boyfriends starts off well, but once there, not everything is as it seems. The atmosphere of abandonment in this place stuck in time becomes the uncomfortable setting that triggers a play of the senses, confronting the travelers with their most repressed desires. Sarah must look at herself through the innocence of her childhood to understand her past and find a way to win this game of seeing.


  • Post-Production and Distribution Prize, CNCINE 2013/2015.
  • Official Selection Blood Window VENTANA SUR 2015.
  • Official Selection Chicago Latino Film Festival, 2016.
  • Official Selection Festival Iguazu, 2016.
  • Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle, 2016.
  • Official Selection EFFNY, 2016.
  • Honorable Mention for Best Movie at La Casa Cine Fest, 2016.
  • Nominated for Best Sound Design Premios Platino, 2017.


(2016) – short film – fiction
The letter A comes from the Greek letter alpha (Α α), which, in turn, originates from “alep,” the first letter of the Phoenician alphabet. Alep may have originated from the pictogram of a bull’s head in Proto-Sinaitic writing. The Phoenicians, precisely, named this letter ‘Aleph,’ which means “bull” in Phoenician, due to its resemblance to the head of a bull. The form of this pictogram comes from the ancient Egyptian hieratic script, which represented the head of the god Apis (a bull with horns).


  • Premio del Jurado (Black María Film Festival)
  • Mención Especial (Festival de Cine Orquidea Cuenca)
  • Mejor Cortometraje Nacional y Premio del Público (GICOFF)
(2010) – short film – fiction
In a small and strange town where words do not exist, Beueu will try to make Laralara fall in love.


Best Ecuadorian Short Film (CERO LATITUD International Film Festival)


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